Within the scope of the “Economic Consistency Shield Package” announced on 18.03.2020, short time working implementation has been started due the “compulsory reason due to the periodic situation caused by exterior forces”  taking into consideration the possible effects of the new type Covid-19. Accordingly, short time working payment is a system where the weekly working hours in the workplace is reduced temporarily minimum at the ratio of 1/3 or the activities within the workplace are suspended wholly or partially for minimum 4 weeks without requirement of a continuity condition due to general economic, sectoral, regional crisis or compulsory reasons, income support for maximum three months (such period can be extended to six months with the decision of the President of Turkish Republic) is provided to the employees working in the relevant workplace under social security.

The employer who has requested short time working because of negative impacts of Covid-19, can apply for short time working payment by providing the relevant documents proving the negative impacts, the Short Time Working Request Form along with the list that includes the employee information who will be working short time, by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address of the employer’s İŞKUR unit as of 23.03.2020. It is important that the application includes the documents showing the negative impacts of Covid-19 in order to finalize the application by the submitted documents without physically going to the workplace. It is possible that additional documents are requested by contacting the employer. The receipt of the application will be notified to the employers in the same way and the applications will be sent to the Department of Guidance and Inspection (“Department”) of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services (“Ministry”) for the determination of the applications’ suitability.

The daily short working payment is 60% of the daily average gross salary of the employee calculated by taking into consideration the employee’s last twelve months’ earnings taken as basis to premium. The calculated short time working payment cannot exceed 150% of the gross amount of the monthly minimum wage. The short time working payment is made monthly to the employee on the 5th of every month for the time that the employees have not worked in such a way that the weekly working hours applied within the workplace are completed. The payments are made via PTT Bank.

In order for the employees to be eligible for short time working payment, it is necessary that the employer’s short time working request is approved by the Labor Inspector of the Ministry and the premium payments and working period of the employee comply with the required conditions as of the starting date of short time working.

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