In order to prevent any loss of right due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as per the legislative proposal approved by Grand National Assembly of Turkey, it has been set forth that the periods related to the birth, use or termination of any right including periods for filing a lawsuit, initiating execution proceeding, applications, complaints, objections, injunctions, notifications, submissions and statute of limitations, lapse of time and compulsory administrative application and periods determined under the Administrative Jurisdiction Procedures Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Civil Procedure Law and other legislation which include procedural periods and periods determined by judges within this scope and periods before the mediation and settlement institutions as of 13.03.2020  (included)until 30.04.2020 (included).

These periods shall commence the day following the termination date of the suspension and theperiods, which had fifteen days or less left for termination as of the suspension term, shall be deemed to be extended for fifteen days starting from the day following the termination date of the suspension. In case the pandemic continues, the President shall have the authority to extend the suspension one more time for maximum six months and narrow the scope for such period. The relevant decisions shall be published in the Official Gazette.

The periods stated below are exempt from the scope of first paragraph:

  • Periods for statute of limitations set forth in legislations related to crime and punishment, misdemeanor and administrativesanctions and disciplinary imprisonment and preventive detention.
  • Periods related to protective measures regulated under Criminal Procedure Law.
  • Periods related to the transactions completing the interim injunctions regulated under Civil Procedure Law.

In case the announced sale date related to goods or rights by the execution and bankruptcy offices within the scope of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code and other legislation regarding enforcement law falls within the suspension term, a sale day shall be provided by the execution and bankruptcy offices after the suspension period without the requirement of a request.In such case, the sale announcement shall only be made through an electronic environment and no fee shall be requested for such announcement.The voluntary payments made during the suspension term shall be accepted and the parties shall be able to request the execution of transactions to the benefit of the other party. The consequences of concardatum for the creditor and debtor shall continue during the suspension term.

All the procedures and principles related to all the precautions to be taken including the postponing of the hearings and negotiations during the suspension term shall be determined by the relevant Board of Presidentsin respect to the Supreme Court and Council of State;by the Council of Judges and Prosecutors in respect to the first instance judiciary and administrative justice authorities, regional courts of justice and regional administrative courts; and by the Ministry of Justice in respect to justice services. 

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