In accordance with the Decision Regarding the Extension of the Suspension Periods regulated in order to prevent any Loss of Right within Jurisdiction numbered 2480 and published in the Official Gazette dated 30 April 2020 and numbered 31114; to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 pandemic and any loss of right within jurisdiction; the suspension of below periods regulated in the provisional article 1 of the Law on Amendments of Certain Laws (“Law”) numbered 7226, excluding the periods related to the obligatory administrative applications set forth in Public Procurement Law numbered 4734,has been extended ( subject to revaluation in case the spreading danger of the pandemic disappears before this date) from 01.05.2020 (including this date) until 15.06.2020 (including this date):

  • The periods related to the birth, use or termination of any right including periods for filing a lawsuit, initiating execution proceeding, applications, complaints, objections, injunctions, notifications, submissions and statute of limitations, lapse of time and compulsory administrative application and periods determined under the Administrative Jurisdiction Procedures Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Civil Procedure Law and other legislation which include procedural periods and periods determined by judges within this scope and periods before the mediation and settlement institutions.
  • The periods determined in the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code and other laws related to the enforcement law, the periods determined by the judges and by the execution and bankruptcy offices in this scope (excluding execution proceedings related to maintenance receivables), all execution and bankruptcy proceedings, party and execution transactions, accepting new execution and bankruptcy requests, transactions related to the execution and enforcement of provisional attachment decisions.

As per the provisional article 1 of the Law, the periods stated below are exempt from the scope of first paragraph:

  • Periods for statute of limitations set forth in legislations related to crime and punishment, misdemeanor and administrative sanctions and disciplinary imprisonment and preventive detention.
  • Periods related to protective measures regulated under Criminal Procedure Law.
  • Periods related to the transactions completing the interim injunctions regulated under Civil Procedure Law.

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